Biedermeier longcase clock, furniture kit

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Furniture kit made of natural wood.  The Biedermeier longcase clock is a wonderful addition for every room; whether for the living room, the corridor or even for the stylishly furnished Biedermeier entrance hall.

The door, behind which pendulums and weights are concealed, can be opened. Colour changes everything!

Instead of the varnish with cherry tree (# 43003), which was formative for the age of the Biedermeier, you can glaze the longcase clock with mahogany (# 43001) and finish it with patina (# 43006) as a beautiful variation.

If you are interested in a very noble finish, then paint the longcase clock in cream-white and the columns in gold.

Dimensions:17 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm (HxWxD)

Note: Dial, pendulum and weights are made of brass.  A movement is not included in the kit.