Complete set - English tea salon, furniture kit

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The complete set includes the following 9 furniture kits:

Construction kit #40025 Chippendale Sideboard, 1 pc.

Construction kit #40038 Queen-Anne table, 1 pc.

Construction kit #40076 Queen-Anne dining table, 1 pc.

Construction kit #40078 Queen-Anne upholstered chairs, 4 pcs.

Construction kit #40080 Display case, 1 pc.

Construction kit #40083 English hall clock, 1 pc.

Various miniatures are also included such as a tea service (#15175), flower vase, candlesticks (#17280), mirror (#19300), picture frames, etc., all of the working materials and 3 sheets of wallpaper (41157).

Working materials included in the complete set:

#43002 Mahogany liquid wax

#43006 Patina, dark-brown#43007 Clear varnish

#43016 Wood glue in the dosing system, brown

#43020 Set of Sandpaper, various grains

#43025 Special brush

Recommendation:As the ideal space for the English tea salon", we recommended our new MODULE-BOX (90100), and for uniform lighting, the usage of two indirect lighting bars along with the 5-lamp chandelier with chains (21110) and the 3-lamp chandelier with real glass covers (21320).